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 “My husband and I moved to NC. We were in the market for a home after living in our travel trailer for 9 months. After weeding thru a few agents, we met Mary Porter. Mary came across as a very pleasant and honest agent. We never felt pressured into going out of our budget range or into an area we were not comfortable with. It was obvious that Mary cared very much about finding us a house that suited us. She spent many hours and days with us showing us properties! We finally did find the house and closed on it. There were no surprises at the closing. Everything had been explained to us before the closing. We are once again in the market for another house and we would not think about considering someone else. We have come to love Mary and her husband as part of our family. This is a fine Christian couple that cares about your needs. I highly recommend Heritage Real Estate to anyone!!”

--Rev. & Mrs. Fuller

Dear Mary:

I am writing to tell you about how appreciative I am of what you and Heritage Real Estate have done for me over the years. Yesterday, two of the callers, who phoned about places for rent, had been referred by you or one of the members of your firm. Thank you.

It has been my pleasure to work with you in the purchasing of properties for rental purposes. I have been so pleased with you and your staff that I would not consider purchasing from anyone else. The reason for this statement is because of the some of the qualities I have seen in you:

  • Personality: I feel that you really care about people. You are pleasant to talk with. You make me feel that any concern I might have about a piece of property, is important and not insignificant.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You know real estate. And if there is something you don't know, you will do the necessary research, and ask the people who know, in order to get me an answer to my questions.
  • You are honest. As the old saying goes, "I could trust you with my life".
  • You look out for the interest of the customer above your own interest. In the past, when I was uncertain about whether to purchase a piece of property, I have asked your advice. You have never tried to pressure me into buying. You give me the pros and cons, as you see them, in order to help me reach the correct decision.
  • You have given me excellent advice. In deciding about purchasing a rental property, one of things I look at is what I am going to have to spend in remodeling and repairs in order to rent it. Although I have been in rental property for over 20 years, your ideas about remodeling/repairs have often been better than my own. Consequently, I have gone with what you said, and, many times, have saved hundreds of dollars.
  • Your recommendations mean a lot. I began this letter by thanking you for recommending me to two callers, yesterday, who were looking to rent a house or an apartment. I appreciate the business that brings to me. But even more, I appreciate knowing that you would not recommend anyone if you thought that he did not give value and good service to the customer.

With kindest personal regards, I am,


William P. Sloane, President Sloane Investments, Inc





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